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A Selection of Our Work

Waste logistics system
Women's health promotion
Mobile email application
PET bottle recycling

How your idea becomes a product

You tell us your idea and we ask tons of questions to get the clearest picture possible.
Estimate – Quotation
We will send you a detailed quotation listing all the functions discussed, adding estimated lead times for design and development.
UX / UI / Image Design
We get a firm grasp of the project’s business processes and the environment in close collaboration with You, and based on the knowledge gained, we design the product and prepare a prototype for testing. Through regular user testing, we ensure that the designed product will fulfill valid end-user needs. Not only can you save development time and money by testing the prototype, but you can also get early feedback from your future users.
Architectural technical basics
In parallel with UX UI design, we start the mapping of technology challenges and possibilities in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later.
Flexible, transparent, iterative development
Throughout the development, we work in short, pre-concerted cycles. You can continuously check our pace of progress, remaining tasks and the code completed.
We tailor our work to meet incurring demands while keeping business and user aspects in mind.
How can we help you?

Which technologies are in focus?

Android, iOS, Flutter
Docker, Linux
Kotlin, node.js, Spring
Web frontend
React, Typescript

About us

We are a digital product studio with wide-ranging deep knowledge, located in the heart of Budapest.
Balázs Gyimesi
Levente Pánczél
Alex Speiser
András Timár
Ferenc Gyurkovics
iOS & Flutter &
Norbert Sziráczki
Android & Flutter &
György Kovács
Product Design &
UX/UI Design
How can we help you?